Sunday, March 11, 2007


I just want to start by point out that I love the Barenaked Ladies. I've been rockin' the iPod today, and they've been my group of choice. Ok, I hope you enjoyed that randomness.

Where to begin...I have so much on my mind, yet I have nothing at all. I'm sitting here at the computer and I'm simply reeling. This whole experience at times seems great, at times seems far from ideal, at times seems to simply happen without me knowing it really is. I'm drifting...from moments of clarity to moments of pure inconrehensible existance. I'm not feeling happy, and I'm not feeling sad, I'm not feeling homesick, and I'm not feeling at home. Today I am. Today my life is. Today I can feel time moving by me yet I have no concept of what a minute feels like, what an hour feels like, what a day means. All the while the sun moves overhead and thus I'm forced to conclude night is nearing.

I don't know where that is all coming from. Whatever. Ok, so here's what I felt inspired to write about. Last week I submited my research proposal. Remember, the thing on the Indian dating scene? Well, I'm psyched about the prospect of the project, but I'm not sure where to begin. I've done one interview so far and it went fairly well, but at the end of it I reviewed the notes I took and the only statement that I could think to make was "so what?" I'm sure things will become more clear with time, but sometimes I really don't like that fact.

So, I got another cooking lesson today. I learned how to make these spicy kidney beans...I hope ya'll are ready for some food when I get back. I also learned how to make a Cilantro chutney...yee haw!

So, I'm feeling somewhat at of a loss of words right now.